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Welcome to the Quarantine Edition Challenge.

We're glad you're ready to commit to the next 21 days to making some adjustments to how you show up each day, how you move through life on a regular basis.

Our team has come up with 4 daily objectives to get you refocused and on track for whatever life throws your way.  (Move more, Eat Mindfully, Self Care, and Growth)

This program is also customized for YOU to add 2 personal daily objectives too (ie. 'no soda', 'no fast food', 'get to bed by 11pm', 'eat 3 fruits/vegetables a day', 'complete 100 deadbugs', ' take a shower'.... you pick!) .

The biggest part of all of this is knowing that you have the ability to create change and to recreate your life, no matter what unknowns get thrown our way.  You have the option to choose how to respond each day and in all of this, we want you to know, you are not alone.  Our team and fellow challengers are here to connect and support you along the way! We're all in this together.

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